Interactive Touch Experiences

With interactive experiences on screens of all sizes, from iPads to large TV walls, you can grab your customers’ attention and put them in control of a unique experience.

At Dutch Marketing Design, we’re at the forefront of the digital signage revolution. Our comprehensive software solution covers every aspect of creating, implementing, and managing interactive digital signage displays.

Our mission? Elevate your customers’ interaction with your organization while boosting your benefits and bottom line. We’re not just digital signage experts; we’re pioneers in merging cutting-edge sensors with conventional signage to create seamless, intuitive experiences.

Endless possibilities

Interactive experiences can be used in all sorts of ways to engage and amaze your customers


Catch the attention and increase engagement at tradeshows with minimal floor space.


Personalize products, increase engagement and boost your sales.

Sales Tool

Increase sales performance, optimize sales processes and increase customer satisfaction.


Improve guest experience, streamline ordering processes and increase customer satisfaction in the hospitality industry. 

Waiting areas

Provide your customers with useful information and improve the waiting room experience.


Create interactive experiences, share compelling stories and enrich museum visits with digital technology.


Increase sales conversions, provide personalized product information and improve the experience in your stores.


Visualize products, demonstrate functionalities and enhance brand image in showrooms.


Simply point the way, provide real-time information and improve the experience and orientation in public areas.

Why use interactive experiences for
your business?

Online & Offline

Online & Offline

No good internet connection? No problem! All experiences also work without internet

Database & API

Database & API

Always show the most recent content by linking the experience to an existing API or database

Displays in all sizes

Displays in all sizes

From vertical kiosk displays to impressive video walls. Your content optimized on every screen

User Journeys

User Journeys

Help customers find the right information in any way possible



Do you know what your customers really want? Analytics give you a good idea of what works best and what doesn’t.

Schedule your content

Schedule your content

Plan your campaigns and offers so that they are only visible when you want them

Impressive content​

Impressive content​

Amaze your customers with impressive content from video to 3D models

More than just touch

More than just touch

We use the latest technologies such as RFID sensors, NFC tags and motion detection to realize the ultimate experience

Our innovative digital platform solution provides you with all the necessary tools you need to boost your business. We offer more than just software – we provide a full suite of services to bring your interactive digital signage vision to life. From consultancy and software implementation to content creation and ongoing monitoring, we have you covered. 

The features below combined is what makes our Digital Experiences the perfect solution for your business.


Digital experiences can be customized to meet customer requirements ranging from basic signage to complex data driven applications handling various sensors and actuators


Digital content created by our designers can be uploaded to the experience and processed to support various screen sizes and screen orientations



We provides a wide range of possibilities to manage your content. Content can be distributed to predefined groups and/or locations at predefined times taking time zones into account


Our experiences support a wide range of sensors that can be customized to meet customer requirements and form factors. Data gathered by these sensors is processed by solution and converted into useful data reports.

How digital experiences can boost your brand.

Discover how our solutions can seamlessly integrate into your strategy to elevate your brand, captivate your audience, and drive business success.

Cost effective & eco-friendly
Make a positive impact on your budget and the environment. Our digital signage solution allows you to replace traditional printed posters, reducing printing and paper costs. Embrace sustainability and reduce your carbon footprint while saving on materials.
Dynamic real-time content

Enhance your visual presence with dynamic and captivating content that adapts in real-time. Say goodbye to static, outdated posters and embrace a digital world of vibrant images, videos, and interactive displays that engage your audience while effortlessly promoting the latest offers, events, and information.

Targeted messaging

Tailor your messaging to specific audiences. Our solution enables you to deliver personalized content and promotions to different demographics, times, and locations. Say goodbye to generic messaging and hello to precision targeting.

Data-driven success

Uncover hidden insights that drive profit. Gather data for process enhancement, sales growth, and product refinement. Know your customers like never before and watch your profits soar.

Ready to transform
your business?

Elevate your customer journey and boost your organization’s success with our Digital Experiences! Join the ranks of businesses that are embracing the future of customer engagement.

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